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 Contests > CC/DB 3 And Out!  
One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

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The player picked at each position must meet or exceed the fantasy points cutoff for that
position to survive the week.
Fantasy Points Cutoff: QB = 18.0 FPts | RB = 12.0 FPts | WR = 9.0 FPts

Playoff Results

Name Status Wild-Card Division Conference Superbowl
cmelleno   Winner RB M.Turner
kramertech   Winner RB M.Turner

Results for All Entries

Name Status Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Week 17
mosslong Out          
mrbew Out          
mrcash Out          
MRZERO Out          
MrZsasz Out          
msmitty00 Out  Out          
mswatd Out          
mudboy Out          
murphyianm Out          
mushman66 Out          
mustangj17 Out          
myersj77 Out  Out          
nashhall2 Out          
natekick Out          
nbpetznick Out          
nbrecht1 Out          
NC9936 Out          
nc_guy Out          
ndrugby Out          
nelson2300 Out          
nez139 Out          
nguman Out          
Nigelesellman Out  Out          
nordikwolf Out          
nordo Out          
normbarr Out          
notnotspy Out          
NotoriousGIB Out          
nsolano Out          
o2bnla Out          
Oakers87 Out          
obukyle Out          
ohiostfb Out          
oilagan Out          
omegabone Out          
onkorules Out          
oshfarms Out          
pacaphilia Out          
packertrimble Out          
pacodsp Out          
palloto Out          
patricklanders Out          
patriots020405 Out          
pauld1977 Out  Out          
paulie81154 Out          
pcromer Out          
peacedawgs1 Out          
peachlarson Out          
peltskin Out          
pepples Out          
perkinds Out          
persaltier Out          
peterphunk Out          
pgoonis Out          
Philanco Out          
philipco Out          
philpo Out          
Phinsfan13 Out  Out          
Pigskin Porkers_2 Out          
pimdaddy Out          
pitafortwo Out          
PittBoss Out          
Pixburgh Out          
Pjaquet Out          
pne123 Out          
potsy27_2 Out          
ppritchard Out          
Praski316 Out          
pryland_2 Out          
ptomina Out          
qcka Out          
RacerX_2 Out          
Ralphy13 Out          
ram9389 Out          
Ramdriver Out          
rbhorn Out          
rbishop71 Out          
rbrooks Out          
rbroyles Out          
rbtthe3 Out          
rcficker Out          
rcfireman Out  Out          
rdethloff Out          
rdove4 Out          
rdruffin Out          
rechtien Out          
RedFive329 Out          
reilly Out          
rencjm04 Out          
revskip Out          
rhgerlach Out          
richkacz Out          
rid.khan Out          
rjawor Out