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 Contests > Draft Buddy Survivor Contest  

We have a tie! Congratulations to all 7 of our winners. Thanks for purchasing the Draft Buddy and playing in the DB Survivor Contest!

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
RollingThunder Out SEA DET    
rscottkerr Out SEA DET    
rsersen Out SEA [No Pick]    
rshima Out SEA [No Pick]    
Rudzinski Out SEA DET    
rustyweapons Out SEA [No Pick]    
rwbern Out OAK [No Pick]    
rwhitfield Out PHI [No Pick] Out MIN [No Pick]    
s29141 Out KC DET    
schneider Out SF GB    
schnurbiscuit Out HOU [No Pick]    
sdc90291 Out SEA OAK    
Shamrock85 Out PHI [No Pick]    
skalski Out SEA GB    
slacker1989 Out SEA GB    
sledgehammer Out SEA GB    
Sluggo_2 Out KC SEA    
snowman929 Out SEA [No Pick]    
sostrovecky70 Out SEA GB    
spandolfo Out SEA [No Pick]    
Specz Out KC [No Pick]    
spiels Out PHI OAK    
spott77 Out NYG [No Pick]    
sstoll_2 Out KC CHI    
staapbeer Out GB SEA    
steveespo Out NYG [No Pick]    
SteveLeik Out HOU OAK    
sunshine69 Out PIT [No Pick]    
swipp17 Out SEA [No Pick] Out SEA [No Pick]    
tcurlster Out HOU DET    
thedean75 Out PIT [No Pick]    
theflound13_2 Out GB SEA    
thepaul17 Out SEA [No Pick]    
tiggo25 Out HOU DET    
tigitymigity42 Out KC DET    
tj81666 Out PIT SEA    
tjadams2 Out CIN [No Pick] Out NYG CLE    
tmannin Out HOU DET    
tmcdill Out PHI DET    
tmleafs26 Out KC SEA    
TomahawkChop Out SEA [No Pick]    
tommymac69 Out GB SEA    
tporter Out SEA CHI    
trbowersjr Out CIN SEA    
ttinsley4 Out GB SEA    
twiley51 Out SEA [No Pick]    
twofive Out SEA [No Pick]    
twright_il Out SEA GB    
Uncle Rico Out PHI DET    
UnderDog_2 Out BAL SEA    
unlvbm Out PHI [No Pick]    
Vikesfan65 Out PIT [No Pick]    
volmoore Out TB [No Pick]    
wallosoup Out SEA OAK    
wheeldude Out GB DET    
williamjw Out KC [No Pick]    
Winklewinner Out SEA [No Pick]    
wmandrews Out HOU OAK    
writecat Out KC JAC    
zhalpern Out SEA [No Pick]    
Ziggyz Out HOU [No Pick]    
zipperian Out CIN [No Pick]    
4horns4life Out IND      
aclutz17 Out ARI      
ansmgross Out IND      
anthonywilliams Out CAR      
ariz99 Out IND      
avengedcountry Out ARI      
avilesg Out LAR      
ayemac Out IND      
azjhawk Out IND      
Balz68 Out IND      
Bart-Bill Out ARI      
Bassanova5 Out LAR      
bbeenhouwer Out BUF      
bdemps07 Out BUF      
beast Out NYJ      
beerman3828 Out BUF      
bgarcia Out TEN      
BigBBlue Out LAR      
BigJohnsons Out CAR      
bkussy Out ATL      
bluecord116 Out CAR      
bluejts Out ATL      
bnsrenner Out CAR      
Bosoxfan Out IND      
Brandond10 Out ARI      
buddha24 Out ARI      
bulltaco Out NO      
bwk2727 Out NYJ      
bwynhasn Out IND      
cah291 Out ARI      
Catechuman Out IND      
cdjohnson53 Out ARI      
chito6115 Out ATL      
christophercccc Out CAR      
Claudius Out MIA