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Early Game Alert: The Week 7 NYG/LAR game is being played in London. Any picks for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/23.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 13Wk 14Wk 15Wk 16Wk 17
nawyee_2 In          
neptune In          
oaktree3 In          
OD99 In          
odusmagoo In          
onebad89 In          
packakegger In          
panavich In          
perknc In          
petrodrillers In          
philapa In          
pirollo1 In          
podman4 In          
Praski316 In          
Pritchard01 In          
psimmsny In          
psychos_3 In          
puntacanapeo In          
Pvt.Joker In          
R2C2 In          
racetercel In          
ransomp In          
rbarks99 In          
rbeitzel In          
rchipper In          
RenoRick In          
rfranke In          
Rgorskie In          
rgregb In          
riceball_kenny In          
ridkhan In          
rllewis5 In          
rnicholson4 In          
rokdaddy2k In          
rsekine In          
rtalamante In          
rustymitchener In          
rw278 In          
ryche100 In          
rzj218 In          
SACK99 In          
saivanko In          
salty_dog944 In          
sampatel99 In          
schumar In  In          
scottd01 In          
sellhi In          
shcampbell In          
sixshooter In          
skee801 In          
Slobknocker In          
smardwig In          
sodell In  In          
sproffit In          
stltmk In          
stopper22 In          
szczepam In          
sziabo In          
T-Ramp13 In          
tapman316 In          
tardogs In          
tbohan In          
tcatania95 In          
tcstr8 In          
Thebigousa In          
TheCustodian In          
TheHolmes In          
Therndon In          
thynob In          
tim3622 In          
tinman0707 In          
tmorriso In          
toddratliff In          
tpowers In          
tschaible In          
TSwish1 In          
uglyslidedave In          
unc2457 In          
vandrex In          
vandyneviolaters In          
wchamil In  In          
whitey2876 In          
williswizard In          
wjsrls In          
Wolffman In          
WoodysHaze In          
wrona2507 In          
yale006 In          
2for3champ Out          
adg180 Out          
AKAPP_2 Out          
andy.evans7 Out          
audrey Out          
ballz017 Out          
bberry52 Out          
bearsr1 Out          
beej9 Out