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Results for All Entries

Name Wk 13Wk 14Wk 15Wk 16Wk 17
lukens33 In          
lwhamm In          
markm2187 In          
mchirpich In          
meatman02 In          
Meat_Curtains In          
Melo In          
michaelpangallo In          
michaelprjr In          
Mike FF Today In          
mike11871 In          
MikeDieterle In          
Mike_MacGregor In          
mjacobs45 In          
mmrumm In          
moffman17 In          
mosslong In          
mwunder In          
nick_3674 In          
Old School In          
Omnibot In          
PAPADOC1 In          
papastrutt In          
philpo In          
Punterla In          
Pyax In          
randge In          
Rchoinacki In          
rdskinner In          
rgregb In          
Rich5518 In          
richlevine In          
rkmcbr1 In  In  In          
runninrhinos In          
russjohnson22 In          
santek In          
sayhaykid In          
scalesse27 In          
sckinder In          
Septimia7 In  In          
Slumpbuster44 In          
sonys In          
spandolfo In          
spradj89 In          
staapbeer In          
staffbb43 In          
SteroidJunkies In          
steve.b In          
stevo90704 In          
Stinky Pete In          
stumpandgina In          
Subsoiler In          
Swammydawgs In          
syalda22 In          
T-Ramp13 In          
T2gossie In          
Testiculon In          
timbarch In          
tmcdill In          
tmorriso In          
tomvaccaro In          
top_jimmy44 In          
UofL In          
val2 In          
vjoinz In          
warlord8969_2 In          
williswizard In          
Winesteward In          
wingman12 In          
wll0yd In          
WoodysHaze In          
wu1j In          
zazzi20 In          
ZenMatter In