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June Mock Draft Analysis

Editor's Note: Recenlty members of the FFToday Board completed their annual June Mock draft. This mock will be played out in a best ball format, in a league with no transactions, no free agent pickups, no trades in season... properly named the "No-Hassle League." View the round-by-round results. Below is the commissioner's analysis of each team.

White Wonder: Pick No.1

1.01- RB Le'Veon Bell, Pit
2.12- WR Doug Baldwin, Sea
3.01- WR Brandin Cooks, NE
4.12- RB Joe Mixon, Cin
5.01- TE Jordan Reed, Was
6.12- RB Doug Martin, TB
7.01- WR Stefon Diggs, Min
8.12- WR Willie Snead, NO
9.01- TE Martellus Bennett, GB
10.12- QB Carson Palmer, Ari
11.01- QB Tyrod Taylor, Buf
12.12- WR John Brown, Ari
13.01- RB Theo Riddick, Det.
14.12- RB James Conner, Pit
15.01- K Stephen Gostkowski, NE
16.12- D/ST New York Giants

Analysis: After Antonio Brown got picked first in this draft last year, we returned to the reality of RBs going first and fast beginning with Bell as the opening pick. The story of this team is how loaded it is at all positions sans quarterback, where Wonder has to hope that his uninspiring duo of Carson Palmer and Tyrod Taylor holds up. Wonder grabbed a proven group of WRs led by the veteran Doug Baldwin and one of the most intriguing picks of the draft in Brandin Cooks (more on that in a moment). This team could suffer at the RB position early aside from Bell as Doug Martin will be suspended and Joe Mixon isn't guaranteed the starting job. However, that concern should turn into a strength as early as October and could make this team formidable, particularly if guys like Stefon Diggs and Willie Snead progress this upcoming season. Tight ends will also be a strength with two projected top-ten guys holding down the position. All in all, this is a team with upside, but there are risks around every corner with the QBs, Mixon, and Cooks all representing that reality.

Key to No-Hassle Success: The quarterback duo of Palmer and Taylor must at least be top 8 for this team to compete for a league championship. Mixon's development is also a key piece, although I suspect Martin's return will ease that need a bit and give the team a nice 1-2-3 punch at the position. Cooks, as noted above, is probably the biggest key as he could explode into being a top-5 player or struggle to find his way in an offense with established weapons. If RB and TE end up being the strength of this team, as I would suspect, it's just a matter of the other positions not sucking the team downward. Palmer staying upright is a big gamble, as he's tiff and immobile at this point in his career but he could surprise if his health holds.

Favorite pick: I thought Jordan Reed slid too far in this draft. Given his rapport with Kirk Cousins, he should never have lasted until the fifth round. I love the way his selection gives this team another elite weapon to go along with Bell and potentially, Cooks.

Least Favorite pick: Both Baldwin and Stefon Diggs seemed to be selected a little early for my taste. Baldwin has certainly proved his mettle over the past two seasons, but he's wildly inconsistent from week to week. Diggs bears a near identical resemblance to WRs that were taken several rounds after him.

Overall outlook: All three owners who picked at the top of this draft are going to be instant contenders. Getting Bell, Johnson, or Elliott makes that happen unless you blow every pick afterwards and Wonder did not do that. There are gambles contained within this draft and the cast is pretty soft in spots, but the upside is also undeniable. Cooks and Mixon represent that upside in a major way and if both turn out to be as good as many think they will in their new roles, Wonder has got one heckuva team on his hands. On the other hand, if he's 10-15 points worse than other teams most weeks from the QB position, that's a problem. Overall, this team is no sure thing, but they could be dynamic if things click.

RicemanX/Mike FFToday: Pick No.2

1.02- RB David Johnson, Ari
2.11- TE Rob Gronkowski, NE
3.02- WR Demaryius Thomas, Den
4.11- RB Mark Ingram, NO
5.02- WR Martavis Bryant, Pit
6.11- WR Julian Edelman, NE
7.02- RB Paul Perkins, NYG
8.11- QB Philip Rivers, LAC
9.02- RB Rob Kelley, Was
10.11- QB Ryan Tannehill, Mia
11.02- WR Cameron Meredith, Chi
12.11- WR Jeremy Maclin, Bal
13.02- TE Jason Witten, Dal
14.11- RB Marlon Mack, Ind
15.02- D/ST Kansas City Chiefs
16.11- K Cairo Santos, KC

Analysis: Having to enter a draft four rounds in is tricky as the first three picks weren't necessarily players that you even liked. That being said, Mike put together a fairly eclectic group that includes both upside/risky picks like Martavis Bryant, Paul Perkins, and Rob Kelley and more conservative, steady picks like Mark Ingram and Julian Edelman. Like Wonder, he waited on selecting his first quarterback until nearly eight rounds were in the books, but came out with a decent pair of signal-callers to go along with firepower elsewhere. Though it was Rice's call and not Mike's, this is the Gronkowski team. We all know what that means. Gronk was never going to make it through two rounds without being picked and any team with him on it carries that burden as he can make or break a team like few other players can. There are also massive question marks at WR - Can Demaryius Thomas bounce back from his worst season as a pro? What will Martavis Bryant look like and can he avoid suspension? What will Julian Edelman's role be with Brandin Cooks now onboard? Good questions all. This team is a mystery, but capable of a great outcome.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Gronk's production is the no-brainer. If he ends up as the No.1 TE, this team should be successful as David Johnson is going to get his...and then some. The questions regarding the wide receiver position were noted above, but in addition to Gronk, the other key to success might be the development of a trio of young RBs. Paul Perkins and Rob Kelley showed flashes last season, but represent largely unproven commodities. Marlon Mack has no track record to speak of, but could find himself thrust into duty with the only RB in front of him being one of oldest skill position players in the league. Again, a team led by David Johnson isn't going to flop- Johnson is too good, but this team has many questions to answer and it truly does begin and end with Gronk.

Favorite pick: Kind of a cop-out, but am I allowed to say David Johnson? I think he's far and away the best player in fantasy football this season and getting him just puts a team into contention instantly. I also thought Rob Kelley was a good value in the 9th round given that there are running lanes to be exploited in Washington.

Least Favorite pick: Rounds 3-5 weren't picks that I would have made personally. I thought Thomas was mostly awful last season and Mark Ingram has to contend with Adrian Peterson at his position- something that could prove difficult if Peterson is healthy. Finally, I thought Bryant was a bit of a reach, but understand the reasoning.

Overall outlook: Both of these first two teams are simply very difficult to handicap. They're full of guys with potential, some explosive in nature, but there are just so many unknowns to consider. If all cylinders fired on this team, it would be quite a unit with potentially the top RB and TE in football residing on the roster. Apart from that, Mike just needs one RB and one WR selected beyond the first five rounds to be a hit. Guys like Perkins, Cameron Meredith, and Jeremy Maclin could all make key contributions as they all figure to be top options on their respective teams. So, it is with some reservation that I declare this team to be a contender. Mike did a nice job transitioning them into being his team over the course of the draft.

Remote Controller: Pick No.3

1.03- RB Ezekiel Elliott, Dal
2.10- QB Tom Brady, NE
3.03- WR Davante Adams, GB
4.10- WR Michael Crabtree, Oak
5.03- RB Eddie Lacy, Sea
6.10- WR Donte Moncrief, Ind
7.03- RB Frank Gore, Ind
8.10- QB Dak Prescott, Dal
9.03- TE Kyle Rudolph, Min
10.10- WR Tyrell Williams, SD
11.03- TE Eric Ebron, Det
12.10- WR Marvin Jones, Det
13.03- RB Jacquizz Rodgers, TB
14.10- RB C.J. Prosise, Sea
15.03- D/ST Arizona Cardinals
16.10- K Caleb Sturgis, Phi

Analysis: Remote was the last to grab one of the "Big Three" at the RB position, but then his strategy veered off the path as he took a QB with his next pick. Any QB taken early has to be a sure thing or else it weakens other parts of the roster significantly, but I think Brady fits comfortably into the sure things category. For me, this team got a little funky after the first two picks, but part of that comes from my feelings about the next five picks. Eddie Lacy and Frank Gore are a bit scary as a complementary package to Elliott and Adams as a lead WR is a questionable move at best. Still, when remote reminded us of Adams's stats from last season, the pick made more sense to me. The tight ends are solid as the overall depth, so I guess one's opinion of the group comes down to whether or not you think Adams can repeat last season's numbers and how you feel about Lacy. Going RB-QB in the first two rounds is always going to insure that you have a slightly weaker WR corps than the norm and that appears to be the case here. Can remote get mileage out of Lacy and Gore? That is the question.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Elliott is too talented to slump in his sophomore season, especially behind a stellar offensive line and Brady has new weapons, so the building blocks for this team are in place. Adams to me would/should have been a No.2 WR rather than a WR1 and it feels like this team has no real first or second tier guy at that position. As such, Adams is more the key to the team's success than Lacy as Remote wisely took the time to handcuff him. Grabbing two Lions receivers was also a smart move as it's almost a guarantee that one of the two (Ebron, Jones) will get the targets necessary for good numbers. Adams needs to justify the faith that Remote has placed in him. If he does, this team is going to turn out OK.

Favorite pick: I really thought Remote stole Eric Ebron. It seemed like he went late for a guy with his kind of upside. The Prescott pick was good, too. He was more of a game manager in year one of his career, but I could see Dallas turning him loose this year allowing him to exceed current fantasy expectations.

Least Favorite pick: Adams, Lacy, Moncrief, and Gore. Not that any of those picks can't be justified- I just have Lacy and Gore on my "do not draft" list and Adams and Moncrief are "second fiddle" guys behind Jordy Nelson and T.Y. Hilton. Both have excellent QBs throwing them the ball, but there are other mouths to be fed.

Overall outlook: I'll say for a third and last time. Drafting in positions 1-3 means you're getting a good foundation to build on. I guess I'm lukewarm about what was added to that foundation. The fact that we're talking risk/reward for the third straight team review really underscores the uncertainty that goes along with the sport this year. After all, no one knows what Lacy is going to do or whether or not Adams will be the Adams of 2016 or 2015? I think Remote has a shot at contention with this group for sure, but he'll need some good things to happen with guys who have some serious downside. In the end, I suspect it balances out and this team will be middle-of-the-pack.

ICEMAN: Pick No.4

1.04- WR Antonio Brown, Pit
2.09- RB DeMarco Murray, Ten
3.04- RB Leonard Fournette, Jax
4.09- RB Christian McCaffrey, Car
5.04- QB Matt Ryan, Atl
6.09- TE Delanie Walker, Ten
7.04- WR Jamison Crowder, Was
8.09- WR Corey Davis, Ten
9.04- WR Eric Decker, Ten
10.09- RB Jeremy Hill, Cin
11.04- WR Rishard Matthews, Ten
12.09- TE Cameron Brate, TB
13.04- QB Joe Flacco, Bal
14.09- RB Chris Ivory, Jax
15.04- K Matt Bryant, Atl
16.09- D/ST Miami Dolphins

Analysis: And now we come to our defending champion who simply blew out the competition last year wire-to-wire for a number of reasons. The fascinating sequel to that effort includes the selection of two rookie RBs in the first four rounds and no less than five Tennessee Titans on the roster. I don't think ICE planned that out in advance. The confidence placed in both Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey suggests that ICE believes this to be a special class of top-tier RBs. DeMarco Murray certainly appeared to have plenty of gas left in the tank last season, so whether or not Fournette and McCaffrey develop quickly matters a great deal to the success of this team. Going RB-heavy and then taking QB and TE in the 5th and 6th rounds left his WR corps thin behind Antonio Brown and that could be a position where points do not easily come in the fall. Some of that concern could be lessened by Eric Decker landing in a good spot. Only time will tell on that front. ICE is truly rolling the dice with this draft beyond the safety of his first two picks. It's a fascinating experiment to be sure.

Key to No-Hassle Success: No need to get cute here by trying to find something subtle. It's all about the rookie RBs. ICE doesn't need both guys to meet his expectations, but he does need one to do so. In some ways, the Fournette selection is made safer by the addition of McCaffrey a round later. And, much like Remote did, you've got multiple players chosen from a team as pass catchers, which almost insures that one will be successful unless something happens to Marcus Mariota. This is a team, despite the risk, that contains plenty of checks and balances. It also contains stability at QB with Matt Ryan- a fact that is sometimes overlooked in the shadow of other positions (like RB and WR).

Favorite pick: DeMarco Murray slid too far. He's no longer a sexy pick, but he probably should be given the resurgence we witnessed last year. Getting a RB of his quality after nabbing the top WR off the board in Round 1 makes this team formidable.

Least Favorite pick: I thought Jamison Crowder was taken awfully early considering Washington has Terrelle Pryor and Jordan Reed to feed as well. Now, if Reed were to get hurt as he sometimes does, Crowder would be the primary beneficiary. Still, as a No.2 WR, I think he leaves something to be desired.

Overall outlook: Again, it's going to be very difficult to handicap a team who is basing so much on the success of multiple guys who have never taken an NFL snap. But, it does feel like ICE has hedged his bets well with the selection of multiple raw talents and handcuffs for those talents. In the end, it's hard not to like what this team brings to the table assuming there is at least moderate production from WRs on the team not named Brown. Can you imagine how good this team will be if both Fournette and McCaffrey finish in the top ten? Brown, Murray, and Ryan are an excellent triplet set and anything that piles on top of that could push this team deep in the direction of a title defense. Good stuff.

Shovelheadt: Pick No.5

1.05- WR Julio Jones, Atl
2.08- QB Aaron Rodgers, GB
3.05- RB Lamar Miller, Hou
4.08- RB Dalvin Cook, Min
5.05- WR Larry Fitzgerald, Ari
6.08- WR Randall Cobb, GB
7.05- RB Ameer Abdullah, Det
8.08- QB Andy Dalton, Cin
9.05- RB LeGarrette Blount, Phi
10.08- TE Jared Cook, Oak
11.05- WR Cole Beasley, Dal
12.08- TE David Njoku, Cle
13.05- RB Giovani Bernard, Cin
14.08- WR Ted Ginn Jr., NO
15.05- D/ST Cincinnati Bengals
16.08- K Graham Gano, Car

Analysis: Remarkably, this team looks like a blend of the previous two teams analyzed. Like Remote, Shovel decided that taking a "sure thing" quarterback was worth it and chose Aaron Rodgers to be the guy. Then, like ICE, he added a rookie RB early opting for Dalvin Cook in the 4th round. The difference between Shovel and ICE came later on, though, as Shovel did not address the tight end position until much later so he could stockpile more players at the more "prominent" positions. And, aside from Cook, this was a fairly conservative draft with far more veterans chosen than younger players. What does all that mean? Well, Shovel's group has less upside as guys like Fitzgerald and Randall Cobb aren't likely to have break-out years. But, there's also less risk with this team than any of the others, even with Cook factored in. Sure, Abdullah carries some risk coming off a year of injury, but he's backed up by veterans at the position. Finally, as is his custom, Shovel picked three Bengals for his team but I suppose that's no big deal considering ICE took five (six with Decker) from the Titans.

Key to No-Hassle Success: With far less upside than other teams, the key to success is simply staying healthy. Rodgers will be a top-3 QB. Lamar Miller will finish somewhere between No.8 and No.14 at the RB position. And, Larry Fitzgerald and Randall Cobb will put up unspectacular, but ultimately predictable numbers in conjunction with the parade of points that Julio Jones brings to the table. Sure, Cook could enhance all of this predictability, but he's not vital by any means. I will say that Shovel's tight ends need to do something. The roles for Cook and Njoku are up in the air and I don't know that either will make him happy that he passed on the position for so long.

Favorite pick: If early reviews are accurate, Ameer Abdullah could be the steal of the draft in the 7th round. Granted, reports in June only carry so much weight but Abdullah is in position to succeed in a big way. If both he and Cook were to exceed expectations, this team could be super.

Least Favorite pick: I think Randall Cobb's days of being worthy of a pick in the first six rounds is over. He went too early and I thought there were several QBs than better than Andy Dalton still available when "Big Red" was taken. Neither pick was terrible, certainly, but neither inspired me all that much.

Overall outlook: This will be a steady team from my perspective, scoring-wise. They won't be a top scoring team very often from week to week, if at all. However, their veteran presence will supply them with consistency and prevent those bottomed-out weeks that can kill a season. Health is the primary concern as is the ability to get a few big-time performances out of Cook or Abdullah. The late round picks here concern me too, as guys like Beasley, Bernard, and Ginn really aren't built for solid, even explosive production. They don't offer up a very good Plan B if the main stars were to falter. I like this team, but I'm not intrigued by them as much as some others.

Robb: Pick No.6

1.06- WR Odell Beckham Jr., NYG
2.07- WR DeAndre Hopkins, Hou
3.06- RB Todd Gurley, LAR
4.07- RB Carlos Hyde, SF
5.06- WR Kelvin Benjamin, Car
6.07- QB Jameis Winston, TB
7.06- RB Bilal Powell, NYJ
8.07- QB Marcus Mariota, Ten
9.06- WR Quincy Enunwa, NYJ
10.07- TE Jack Doyle, Ind
11.06- WR Robert Woods, LAR
12.07- RB Jamaal Williams, GB
13.06- D/ST Denver Broncos
14.07- RB Jonathan Williams, Buf
15.06- TE Evan Engram, NYG
16.07- K Brandon McManus, Den

Analysis: We come to the first drafter who went WR-WR in the first two rounds. While it left Robb a little undernourished at the RB position, it's a worthy strategy given that WR is the only position in which we start three players. Robb proceeded to include depth that featured No.1 WRs (Enunwa, Woods) on bad passing teams (Jets, Rams) and young/unproven, but talented RBs (Williams, Williams). The neglected position was tight end, but several owners in this draft don't put a high emphasis on that position and while that is a bit risky, it's not tremendously so. As a whole, this team is balanced, but is relying on several guys who faltered last season to return to past form - Todd Gurley, DeAndre Hopkins, and Kelvin Benjamin. From a best ball format, you've got to love what Robb did with his quarterback selections. He chose two third-year QBs who are still on their way up, both in terms of NFL worth and fantasy production. If that trajectory continues, he may get production that easily out-distances draft position. There is a lot to like here for sure.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Carlos Hyde needs to stay healthy to keep the running game from tanking. Hyde has generally been productive in his career when his health doesn't fail him, but he's hurt a lot. Robb’s team can't afford injuries at that position with little guaranteed beyond Gurley. Even Gurley is no sure thing after last year and the same goes for Hopkins and Benjamin. This would have been an incredible 2016 draft with Gurley, Beckham, and Hopkins leading the way, but two of those three were among the biggest disappointments of the 2016 season.

Favorite pick: I really liked the value picks of Gurley and Winston. I'm not convinced Gurley will be able to duplicate his rookie season anytime soon, but mid-third round seems like an awful long way for him to fall given the volume of carries he is likely to receive. I just love the QB duo (Winston, Mariota) on this team. Both should complement each other well.

Least Favorite pick: I liked nearly all of Robb's picks. I thought Bilal Powell went a tad early and I didn't like that he waited so long to address the TE position, but that's kind of nit-picking. This draft was a nice blend of proven talent and guys with upside.

Overall outlook: I like what Robb did in this draft for the most part, but the running game could be his undoing...or he could be above average at the position. When you don't address that position this year until the third round, there's going to be some anxiety present. I think the collection of players here is good enough for this team to contend, but WR depth is also an issue from the standpoint of three of the five guys on the roster playing alongside either awful or rookie QBs. This team could be in the tank if the problems noted can't be overcome, but if Gurley, Hyde, and Hopkins play to their potential, this is also a team worth watching.

Matt's Eagles: Pick No.7

1.07- WR Mike Evans, TB
2.06- RB Jay Ajayi, Mia
3.07- WR Alshon Jeffery, Phi
4.06- WR Keenan Allen, LAC
5.07- RB Ty Montgomery, GB
6.06- TE Zach Ertz, Phi
7.07- QB Russell Wilson, Sea
8.06- RB Samaje Perine, Was
9.07- WR Breshad Perriman, Bal
10.06- RB Joe Williams, SF
11.07- WR Kevin White, Chi
12.06- TE Austin Hooper, Atl
13.07- WR Marqise Lee, Jax
14.06- QB Deshaun Watson, Hou
15.07- D/ST Houston Texans
16.06- K Mason Crosby, GB

Analysis: From a stylistic standpoint, Matt has always done things his own way. His picks often defy convention and this year was no different once the no-brainer selection of Mike Evans was over and done. There are certainly very few things to feel comfortable about beyond Evans, aside from Russell Wilson, who was a big-time steal late in Round 7. Jay Ajayi is more than capable of justifying his draft position, but his break-out 2016 season was more about a couple of huge games than consistent production. Alshon Jeffery is on a new team and it's unclear what his role will be with Carson Wentz having already developed rapport with other targets. Keenan Allen and Ty Montgomery are also big unknowns with Allen trying to stay healthy for a change and Montgomery trying to continue to re-invent himself as a running back. Matt took a lot of gambles down the stretch including several rookie picks at RB and QB. The WR depth likewise, is completely unproven. The potential is there for this team, but it was a draft of gambles galore.

Key to No-Hassle Success: Goodness. Where do we start? Evans is going to be fine. He's a man among boys at WR more weeks than not. It's all about picks two through five. Matt needs two of those four to be very, very good. Whether that's Ajayi and Montgomery giving him a stellar rushing attack or maybe Jeffery and Allen getting back to past form and staying healthy, this team will rise or fall on those four picks. There is such an injury history with both Jeffery and Allen that I think their health is likely the biggest need/concern/key for this group. Both are tremendous talents. Some of the unproven depth on this team also needs to shine through at some point during the season.

Favorite pick: Easily Russell Wilson late in Round 7. For some reason, fantasy owners tend to shy away from Wilson in drafts - probably because he's prone to slow starts. I also really liked the late grab of Austin Hooper. He looks like a player ready to take a major step forward.

Least Favorite pick: I thought TE Zach Ertz was taken awfully early. I know Ertz finished the year strong last season, but he might have been on the board two rounds later. Also, Ty Montgomery is off my radar this year. I don't think he's a long-term solution for Green Bay at RB, but I could be wrong.

Overall outlook: There are a number of things that need to happen in order for this team to contend. I wouldn't want a team this void of certainty, but Matt has drafted these kinds of units before and they typically have finished towards the middle of the league standings - no small feat in a league with so many experienced drafters. So, the best we can say here is that the outlook is truly unclear. Nearly all of the players on this roster come with upside and there's something to be said for that. But, you also need studs and this team could turn out to be Mike Evans and a bunch of so-so producers. All in all, kudos to Matt for doing it his own way.

Fumbleweed: Pick No.8

1.08- RB LeSean McCoy, Buf
2.05- WR Dez Bryant, Dal
3.08- QB Drew Brees, NO
4.05- WR Sammy Watkins, Buf
5.08- TE Greg Olsen, Car
6.05- WR Emmanuel Sanders, Den
7.08- QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pit
8.05- WR DeVante Parker, Mia
9.08- RB Matt Forte, NYJ
10.05- RB Kenneth Dixon, Bal
11.08- RB Danny Woodhead, Bal
12.05- WR Adam Thielen, Min
13.08- TE Zach Miller, Chi
14.05- RB Duke Johnson, Cle
15.08- K Dan Bailey, Dal
16.05- D/ST Carolina Panthers

Analysis: This is a team of fairly profound strengths and weaknesses with an overall product that has just as much uncertainty as nearly everyone else in this draft. The strengths of this team are clearly QB and WR along with a top-3 tight end. Not unusual for me, I chose a second QB in the first half of the draft when Ben Roethlisberger fell well past where I thought his value lay. Together with Brees, there is no better QB duo coming out of this draft. The WRs on this team are potentially explosive, but also potentially injured much of the time. No one disputes the upside/potential of Dez Bryant and Sammy Watkins as a pair - plenty dispute their ability to stay healthy. The obvious pure weakness for this team is at RB as once LeSean McCoy was selected, the position wasn't addressed again until Round 9. None of the RBs sans McCoy is guaranteed to even be a periodic producer, but having both Kenneth Dixon and Danny Woodhead of the Ravens should help with point totals some. The strengths of this team don't necessarily overshadow its primary weakness, but they do give it an identity.

Key to No-Hassle Success: This is pretty easy. LeSean McCoy must stay healthy. You can get away with having lesser RBs when your No.1 guy is living up to expectations and playing every single week. Without McCoy, this team is going to fall far below average in terms of production from the position. Another key is the health of Bryant and Watkins, but also the development of DeVante Parker. Emmanuel Sanders was picked to give the team someone safe to fall back on but Parker has far greater upside. If Parker can join Bryant and Watkins with respect to explosive scoring weeks, this team has the ability to lead the league in scoring multiple times in 2017.

Favorite pick: I was happy to get both Greg Olsen and Roethlisberger when I did as they are proven commodities who can anchor this team and give the higher upside guys a chance to propel the team to lofty heights. I also felt that Parker and Thielen were good values at the WR position.

Least Favorite pick: There were two. First, Dez Bryant is getting drafted on potential these days rather than production and I would have loved for Jordy Nelson to fall one more spot. Also, I wasn't thrilled with my second tight end (Zach Miller). I should have drafted Thomas Rawls instead of Miller late in the game.

Overall outlook: There is potential for this team to be great. The production at QB, WR, and TE should be among the league's leaders. But there is no team that can afford injury like this one as if McCoy were to be lost for a long period of time, there will be suffering. Health affects all teams in the No-Hassle format, but some are built to weather injuries better than others. This is not one of those teams. If you haven't noticed, a clear-cut favorite for this season hasn't been named yet and for good reason. This is just another team with potential, but also flaws that could be easily exposed.

Vikings4Ever: Pick No.9

1.09- RB Melvin Gordon, LAC
2.04- WR Jordy Nelson, GB
3.09- RB Isaiah Crowell, Cle
4.04- WR Jarvis Landry, Mia
5.09- TE Jimmy Graham, Sea
6.04- WR Brandon Marshall, NYG
7.09- RB Derrick Henry, Ten
8.04- QB Kirk Cousins, Was
9.09- WR Pierre Garcon, SF
10.04- QB Carson Wentz, Phi
11.09- RB Jonathan Stewart, Car
12.04 TE Coby Fleener, NO
13.09- WR Tyler Lockett, Sea
14.04- RB Alvin Kamara, NO
15.09- K Wil Lutz, NO
16.04- D/ST Philadelphia Eagles

Analysis: Another longtime drafter who foregoes the selection of a QB until much later in the draft so the heart of his roster can be stockpiled with talent at other positions. The question then becomes: How good is the talent that was stockpiled? Is this a veteran team or a team with younger, less proven upside? The first question is hard to answer as the team's foundation is a guy who had a very disappointing rookie season followed up by a very surprising sophomore surge. Melvin Gordon is that guy and there is no certainty about who he'll be this year. That is not the case with second pick Jordy Nelson, who is one of the safest picks in all of fantasy football.

The trend of risky vs. safe continued with V4E's next two picks of Isaiah Crowell and Jarvis Landry. Beyond that, the V4E chose a mix of veterans and young players to round out the roster with the QB position being left in the hands of Kirk Cousins and Carson Wentz. Cousins is generally underrated in fantasy circles and Wentz could take a big leap forward this year making the wait at QB worth it for Vikes. Sixteen solid, sensible picks here.

Key to No-Hassle Success: While I'm not nearly as high on Brandon Marshall, I think his receiving corps is generally one of the most stable units in all the league.. and I think his quarterback duo will turn out to be as asset. So, it really just comes down to what sort of running game develops with this team. If Gordon and Crowell turn out to be top-10 guys at their position, this should be a top-5 team in the league. An injury to DeMarco Murray would further propel this team forward as Derrick Henry would almost certainly be a top-10 rusher with Murray out for any length of time. Can this backfield get it done? There's little doubt that the answer to that question is paramount to the team's success.

Favorite pick: I think Jordy Nelson should be a late first-round pick, so Vikes getting him 16 picks into the draft was one of the biggest steals of the whole draft. I also loved the Jimmy Graham and Derrick Henry picks in Rounds 5 and 7.

Least Favorite pick: I mentioned it above, but I think Vikes is overvaluing Brandon Marshall. With Beckham and Shepard around and rookie Evan Engram working his way into the mix, I just don't think Marshall will see anywhere near enough volume to warrant a sixth round selection. I also didn't see much upside with Vikes' picks over the last eight rounds.

Overall outlook: I generally find this team to be well-balanced. With most of the teams in this draft, there are definitely easily identifiable pitfalls contained throughout the roster but I don't see that with this team. As such, I think this is the safest pick in the league to finish top-6, but I would not make this team a top-3 contender at the outset of the season. But, if the running game were to take off, all that changes. There could be three top-ten RBs on this roster and that could mean something greater than contention - it could mean a No-Hassle title.

ZeroRBJoe: Pick No.10

1.10- WR Michael Thomas, NO
2.03- WR T.Y. Hilton, Ind
3.10- RB Marshawn Lynch, Oak
4.03- WR Tyreek Hill, KC
5.10- WR Terrelle Pryor, Was
6.03- RB Tevin Coleman, Atl
7.10- RB Mike Gillislee, NE
8.03- TE Hunter Henry, LAC
9.10- QB Eli Manning, NYG
10.03- QB Matthew Stafford, Det
11.10- TE Julius Thomas, Mia
12.03- RB James White, NE
13.10- WR Kenny Britt, Cle
14.03- D/ST New England Patriots
15.10- K Sebastian Janikowski, Oak
16.03- WR Will Fuller, Hou

Analysis: If you're going to wait until the ninth round to grab a QB, this is the way to do it. In the end, I think Matthew Stafford and Eli Manning will form a good partnership at the position. That should allow the picks from the first eight rounds to form the nucleus of the team. With Brandin Cooks moving on to New England, Joe apparently felt comfortable with selecting second-year WR Michael Thomas as his lead receiver, teaming him with 1B T.Y. Hilton. Only two teams in the draft went WR-WR with their first two picks and it will be interesting to see how that plays out over the course of the season. Joe stayed true to his name by grabbing two more WRs in Rounds 4 & 5, making this the team with the deepest WR corps in the league. With those two positions covered and adequate tight ends coming onboard, it comes down to RBs where Joe proudly proclaims there is no need to go heavy. Marshawn Lynch anchors that unit and there is absolutely NO WAY to know what he's capable of after a year off. Grabbing a couple of Patriots running backs later in the draft was wise given Joe's need to shore up a shaky position.

Key to No-Hassle Success: It's hard not to like this team with a very nice blend of stability and upside going into the finished product. Getting Manning and Stafford at bargain prices certainly helped with that perception. The key to contention rests with Marshawn Lynch as everything else for success is in place. If Oakland has overestimated Lynch's abilities as of now, the running game will fall to the trio of Tevin Coleman, James White, and Mike Gillislee. Not a bad trio, but certainly not top shelf given that each player is very much a part of a RB timeshare. Other than the RBs, though, few questions about this team abound.

Favorite pick: Even though he was actually picked FOR Joe instead of BY him, you can't deny how good the pick of Terrelle Pryor was. The quarterback picks have already been mentioned as being terrific, but deserve one more mention. And, Tevin Coleman is the safest No.2 RB in the business. He has a high floor, making him the perfect pick for that spot.

Least Favorite pick: I liked every pick, but I did feel this team needed a fifth RB for the No-Hassle format. If injuries were to hit that position, it could become quite an obstacle to overcome. And while I didn't hate the Michael Thomas pick, there are a couple of wide receivers I would have preferred to grab there.

Overall outlook: This team is one of the safest bets to contend and the picks of this team and the two yet to come reinforce the idea that if you don't have one of the top three picks in the draft, getting one of the last three is the next best thing. This team has a great deal of upside to go along with being incredibly deep at the wide receiver position. That can be a combination but like all teams, remaining healthy is critical. Joe also needs Dion Lewis and Rex Burkhead to take a backseat in the Patriots backfield and the emergence of either guy would decrease the value of his New England RBs. Overall, this is one of my favorite teams looking at it through a No-Hassle lens.

Ray Lewis' Limo Driver: Pick No.11

1.11- WR A.J. Green, Cin
2.02- RB Devonta Freeman, Atl
3.11- WR Allen Robinson, Jax
4.02- RB Spencer Ware, KC
5.11- RB Adrian Peterson, NO
6.02- QB Derek Carr, Oak
7.11- WR DeSean Jackson, TB
8.02- RB Latavius Murray, Min
9.11- TE O.J. Howard, TB
10.02- WR Mike Wallace, Bal
11.11- RB Jamaal Charles, Den
12.02- WR Sterling Shepard, NYG
13.11- K Justin Tucker, Bal
14.02- QB Blake Bortles, Jax
15.11- D/ST Minnesota Vikings
16.02- WR John Ross, Cin

Analysis: Talk about a mixed bag of weapons...Ray was all over the map drafting this team as he chose both youth and veterans to fill out his roster. His team is WR-heavy with six guys at that position to go along with five RBs. What that means is that once again Ray is the only person in the league who only drafted one tight end...and a rookie tight end at that. It's an odd strategy, but one that Ray has employed in previous years. What an incredible twosome Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles would have been a few years ago. But, how much do they have left in 2017? If Devonta Freeman and Spencer Ware live up to expectations, it may not matter but an injury to either or just a lack of effectiveness could thrust the "old men" into duty. Ray went largely veteran at WR early in the draft, but then took the up and coming Sterling Shepard and rookie John Ross late to diversify the unit. There didn't seem to be any particular theme to this seemed Ray just took the player he liked best when it came his time to draft. Profound, huh?

Key to No-Hassle Success: With only O.J. Howard holding down the TE position, Howard must not only stay healthy, but be fairly effective in his opening act in the NFL. Taking a frequent zero at a position can pull a team down. To make up for that, I think Ray needs his six-deep WR group to be one of the top 2-3 units in the league. A bounce back year from Allen Robinson is imperative as is the emergence of DeSean Jackson within a brand new offense. The quarterbacks on this team have shown themselves to be up and down in their young careers and the RB group seems to have a low ceiling, so this team needs to be a receiving juggernaut. Thankfully, the first two picks for Ray are two of the safest picks in the league.

Favorite pick: Devonta Freeman's production over the past two seasons probably should thrust him into late first rounds in drafts. As such, Ray getting him and A.J. Green with his first two picks was great. I also thought waiting on Blake Bortles worked out well. In leagues that don't penalize for interceptions, Bortles scores a lot better than many people realize.

Least Favorite pick: Not grabbing a second tight end doesn't make sense in this league. And, if you're going to ignore that and employ the one-TE strategy, make sure it's not an unproven rookie that you're banking on. As for actual picks, I thought Adrian Peterson went way too soon, but can understand what would make you reach a little earlier to grab an all-time great.

Overall outlook: I don't know what to make of this team, but that's usually the case with Ray. He has a style all his own and in this case, you've got several veterans past their prime, several young players coming into their own, a couple of studs that form a foundation for possible success, and a player (Robinson) who fell nearly to the fourth round this year after being a late first rounder in many leagues last year. What that all adds up to is anybody's guess, but in the end, Ray probably needs his QBs to take a step forward to contend. Bortles has a new coach helping him out, and Derek Carr is coming off a season-ending injury so there are plenty of unknowns. But, hey, it's the June Mock. Unknowns come with the territory. Interesting team.

JScott: Pick No.12

1.12- WR Amari Cooper, Oak
2.01- RB Jordan Howard, Chi
3.12- QB Andrew Luck, Ind
4.01- TE Travis Kelce, KC
5.12- WR Golden Tate, Det
6.01- RB C.J. Anderson, Den
7.12- TE Tyler Eifert, Cin
8.01- QB Cam Newton, Car
9.12- RB Terrance West, Bal
10.01- RB Kareem Hunt, KC
11.12- WR Corey Coleman, Cle
12.01- WR Jordan Matthews, Phi
13.12- RB Thomas Rawls, Sea
14.01- WR Tavon Austin, LAR
15.12- D/ST Seattle Seahawks
16.01- K Dustin Hopkins, Was

Analysis: Despite the fact that JScott is overvaluing Amari Cooper, I really like this team. If he had grabbed the more proven Jordy Nelson instead of Cooper, this might be just about my favorite team. That's because I absolutely loved what he did with picks 3-8 as he snared two top-8 QBs, two top-5 tight ends, and a very solid No.2 RB in C.J. Anderson and a very solid No.2 WR in Golden Tate. Granted, having such prowess at QB and TE turned Corey Coleman and Jordan Matthews into players being counted on to contribute weekly ... but the trade-off was worth it. As for RB depth, it's a little suspect, but if Terrance West starts fast he could keep the job in Baltimore even after Dixon returns. Conversely, if Spencer Ware is sluggish Kareem Hunt's contributions could become significant as early as October. And then there's Thomas Rawls, who is only one year removed from being the next great thing. Suspect? Yes, but certainly not without upside. If JScott is right about Cooper, this team could be special. If not, there is still plenty of potential for a team constructed extremely well from the turn.

Key to No-Hassle Success: While I think Cooper taking a big leap forward is the biggest thing, don't underestimate the need for Jordan Howard to prove he wasn't a one-year wonder. This team is absolutely loaded at QB and TE like no other team, so if the first two picks end up hits, this team will roll. I do wonder if the lack of firepower at WR will eventually cause this team to slump a bit, particularly if injuries begin to pile up, but I also think the risk was worth the concern. JScott did such a good job putting together talent after those two picks that his top two picks may be all that stands between him and top-3 status all season long.

Favorite pick: Take your pick. All the picks from Round 3 to Round 8 were simply fantastic. You can get destroyed from the swing pick if you do things conventionally and JScott departed from convention and then some. Luck and Kelce at the turn was simply a stroke of genius if both can stay healthy. They were far and away the best players on the board at that point.

Least Favorite pick: It was Cooper, but I could be dead wrong about him. He certainly has the talent and perhaps he and Carr will be on the same page more often this season as compared to the past two. Also, I'm not sure Coleman and Matthews were the best choices for WR depth, but that feels a little nit-picky to say.

Overall outlook: By now, it's not a secret that I really like this team's chances. I just think you take what is given you when you pick late in a draft and JScott continually took the best player available until a lot of firepower was assembled. When you load up at a couple of positions, the obvious pitfall is that you'll be a bit weak at least one position and that is certainly the case with this WR group. But, there are no powerhouse teams when you're drafting with other knowledgeable people, and as such, you just have to decide where you want to place emphasis. At 3.12, JScott could have become an ordinary team by taking the road more traveled...semi-good RBs and WRs were still available. Instead, this team took a chance on greatness. We'll see how it ultimately pans out.

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