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2021 FFToday Staff League Draft Analysis

By FFToday Staff | 8/20/21 |

On August 17th, a portion of the FFToday crew got together for our staff league draft. This is a real league that will be played out during the season. Team-by-team results and commentary from each owner are below.

10 owners, 18 Rounds, PPR

Starting line-up: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WRs, 1TE, 2 Flex (RB, WR or TE) & 1 D/ST.

1 pt for every: 10 yds rushing, receiving, 20 yds passing, reception, sack, FUM Rec, INT Ret
2 pts for every: safety, PAT rushed, PAT received, PAT thrown
3 pts for every: field goal
4 pts for every: TD thrown
6 pts for every: TD rushed, received, fumble returned, interception returned, kick returned

You can view the Round by Round results here.

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Pick #1 - Kevin Scott

 Kevin Scott - Pick No. 1
1.01 RB Christian McCaffrey CAR
2.10 WR DK Metcalf SEA
3.01 WR A.J. Brown TEN
4.10 WR Amari Cooper DAL
5.01 WR Cooper Kupp LAR
6.10 RB Darrell Henderson LAR
7.01 RB Javonte Williams DEN
8.10 QB Russell Wilson SEA
9.01 WR DeVonta Smith PHI
10.10 TE Noah Fant DEN
11.01 RB AJ Dillon GB
12.10 WR Elijah Moore NYJ
13.01 RB Melvin Gordon DEN
14.10 QB Justin Fields CHI
15.01 TE Evan Engram NYG
16.10 WR Rondale Moore ARI
17.01 WR Terrace Marshall Jr. CAR
18.10 DEF Chicago Bears CHI
Strategy for Rounds 1 & 2: My strategy for Round 1 was simplified when I landed the first pick. Despite his injury-riddled 2020, I believe Christian McCaffrey is still head and shoulders above the rest of the league when it comes to fantasy scoring potential. His upside is over 400 fantasy points again, with his skill between the tackles and his ability to catch the ball. For Round 2, I could go lots of different directions. My most difficult decision was between taking two receivers (as I did) and taking one plus Clyde Edwards-Helaire. I might regret not taking CEH, and the main reason I didn't is because in this format with starting three wide receivers (plus two flex), I felt it was more important to begin building depth at receiver.

What player(s) did you miss out on? The main player I felt got snagged from me was D'Andre Swift. I thought he might fall to me in the 4th, especially since this is only a 10-team league, but I knew that was a lot to ask. I was two away from landing him, and that hurt. I think Swift has the potential to be a top-10 back this season if things fall right, particularly because he showed excellent pass-catching ability in his rookie season.

Final thought: It's probably because I play in so many dynasty leagues, but I was surprised by how long rookies lasted in this draft. I ended up with six rookies because they kept being at the top of my board whenever my turn was up. Guys like Javonte Williams, DeVonta Smith, and Elijah Moore I just could not say no to. So my season will likely be seriously impacted by how well the rookies play.

Pick #2 - Colby Cavaliere

 Colby Cavaliere- Pick No. 2
1.02 RB Dalvin Cook MIN
2.09 RB Najee Harris PIT
3.02 WR Allen Robinson CHI
4.09 WR Robert Woods LAR
5.02 WR Tyler Lockett SEA
6.09 RB Travis Etienne JAC
7.02 WR Jerry Jeudy DEN
8.09 RB Michael Carter NYJ
9.02 TE Dallas Goedert PHI
10.09 QB Matthew Stafford LAR
11.02 WR Michael Pittman Jr. IND
12.09 DEF New England Patriots NE
13.02 WR Russell Gage ATL
14.09 TE Irv Smith MIN
15.02 DEF San Francisco 49ers SF
16.09 QB Baker Mayfield CLE
17.02 RB Darrynton Evans TEN
18.09 WR A.J. Green ARI
Strategy for Rounds 1 & 2: I had a really hard call at No.2. For a few days I waffled back and forth between Cook and Kamara, but finally decided that I expect the Saints offense to take some time to adjust with the loss of Brees and injury to Michael Thomas. Kamara is probably in for some monster workloads early on, but carrying the team on his back could be a bad thing for his long-term production during the extended season. The goal in Round 2 was to nab another back with 50+ reception potential (Ekeler) or a stud receiver that may have fallen (Ridley), but those two guys were gone at 2.09, so I went with the workhorse upside of Najee Harris.

What player(s) did you miss out on? Tight end is a feast or famine position, and I was looking at Round 6 to nab Hockenson or Andrews, as I feel they both have top-5 upside, but they both went back-to-back a few picks before me. I know it sounds silly, but I really wanted Justin Fields in Round 14 as an upside backup. He looks eclectic on the field, and Trubisky flashed at times in this offensive scheme, he just lacked the tools to put it together consistently. Fields has the potential to be a real fantasy asset as the season rolls along and I would have been happy to stash him as a backup. But I played myself, picking Irv Smith at 14.09, assuming I could wait until 15.02 to get Fields. Whoops! Kevin Scott nabbed the former Buckeye at 14.10.

Final thought: The precipitous fall of several players was jarring. Barkley going 13th overall, Josh Jacobs in Round 7, and Melvin Gordon all the way in Round 13 goes to show you just how quickly running backs can fall out of favor. Even D’Andre Swift dropping to the end of Round 4 was something I didn’t expect. There is a massive amount of receiver value out there, so getting reliable runners early is important. Don’t get cute or overthink the early picks!

Pick #3 - Nick Caron

 Nick Caron- Pick No. 3
1.03 RB Alvin Kamara NO
2.08 RB Antonio Gibson WAS
3.03 WR Justin Jefferson MIN
4.08 RB D'Andre Swift DET
5.03 WR Julio Jones TEN
6.08 RB Miles Sanders PHI
7.03 WR Odell Beckham Jr. CLE
8.08 WR Kenny Golladay NYG
9.03 WR D.J. Chark JAC
10.08 RB Tony Pollard DAL
11.03 RB Gus Edwards BAL
12.08 WR Corey Davis NYJ
13.03 QB Taysom Hill NO
14.08 TE Adam Trautman NO
15.03 WR Bryan Edwards LV
16.08 QB Kirk Cousins MIN
17.03 WR Tre'Quan Smith NO
18.08 DEF Denver Broncos DEN
Strategy for Rounds 1 & 2: I went into Round 1 assuming that I'd end up with Alvin Kamara at the three spot, and that's exactly what happened. I was hoping that either McCaffrey or Cook would somehow fall to three, but that was unlikely. As such, I was between Kamara and Derrick Henry, both of whom I'm about equally high on this season for different reasons. I decided to go with Kamara because, despite the fact that he's potentially in a worse offensive situation with Drew Brees being gone, there's also a chance that Kamara is in a good spot to see a ton of touches this season no matter who is behind center. Kamara is a super-stud player with RB1 upside so I feel that he's an ideal combination of upside and floor if you're picking at the No.3 spot.

I was initially expecting to go WR-WR with my second and third round picks, but that ended up shifting when there was a bit of a run on wide receivers in Round 2. Stefon Diggs, Calvin Ridley and DeAndre Hopkins all went in a row, which allowed running back Antonio Gibson to fall to me. I'm quite high on Gibson this season and although I wasn't expecting to start my draft with two running backs, I decided that the upside was worth it with two young all-purpose backs like Kamara and Gibson. I was able to snag Vikings second-year WR Justin Jefferson with my third round pick so I felt great about that start.

What player(s) did you miss out on? The big miss for me was in the eighth round when Dak Prescott unexpectedly flew off the board to Kirk Hollis, who was also rostering Josh Allen. This really took me out of my game as I was fully expecting to get Prescott two picks later. Justin Herbert then went with the next pick to Joseph Hutchins, so I was completely out at QB at that point. I had felt very good about my draft, so this was a killer. I would've definitely gone back in time and taken Prescott in the 7th round if I could have.

Final thought: One of the things that surprised me about this draft was how long some previously believed to be borderline stud running backs stuck around on the board. Particularly Kirk's pick of Josh Jacobs at 7.05 was shocking value to me. Obviously the Raiders bringing in Kenyan Drake did bring some added competition to the backfield, but Jacobs has been an RB1 or high-RB2 since coming into the league and there's little reason to believe that he won't far exceed this draft slot. Meanwhile, quarterbacks were apparently at a premium in this draft, as almost every team in the league drafted multiple quarterbacks, including multiple borderline elite options for a few teams. Thankfully there are trades in this league, so I'll probably end up making a move for a quarterback at some point, but I'm currently banking a lot of my success on my four-star running backs and my Cousins-to-Jefferson stack.

Pick #4 - Joseph Hutchins

 Joseph Hutchins - Pick No. 4
1.04 RB Derrick Henry TEN
2.07 RB Austin Ekeler LAC
3.04 WR Terry McLaurin WAS
4.07 WR Diontae Johnson PIT
5.04 TE Kyle Pitts ATL
6.07 WR Brandin Cooks HOU
7.04 RB Kareem Hunt CLE
8.07 QB Justin Herbert LAC
9.04 WR Antonio Brown TB
10.07 TE Robert Tonyan GB
11.04 WR Mecole Hardman KC
12.07 WR Henry Ruggs III LV
13.04 QB Joe Burrow CIN
14.07 RB J.D. McKissic WAS
15.04 TE Anthony Firkser TEN
16.07 WR Gabriel Davis BUF
17.04 DEF Arizona Cardinals ARI
18.07 QB Jameis Winston NO
Strategy for Rounds 1 & 2: I can’t swear to it, but I THINK this was my first 10-team draft ever. Oddly, it’s the only draft in recent or distant memory I’ve gone RB-RB. Part of that had to do with draft position (1.04), as I felt there were exactly four game-changing backs and then everyone else. This seemed to hold up as Davante Adams got drafted right behind my guy, Derrick Henry, at 1.05. The other reason I ended up with only RBs in Rounds 1 and 2 had more to do with who, specifically, was available at 2.07. Frankly, I couldn’t believe Austin Ekeler fell to me at that spot, especially considering my colleagues eschewed him in favor of Joe Mixon and Saquon Barkley. Suffice it to say, I’m not quite as high on those two as I am on Ekeler, especially in a full PPR league. We’ll see how it plays out but I’m pretty happy with the only guy in the league who can routinely handle a huge workload (Henry) and a guy whose per-game workload was much healthier than most think (Ekeler).

What player(s) did you miss out on? Would I have drafted Antonio Gibson in the third round to go RB-RB-RB? You bet your sweet bippy I would have! Gibson was drafted immediately after Ekeler, meaning I probably had no chance at a Henry-Ekeler-Gibson trio, but the only other back drafted after those two and my next pick at 4.07 was Najee Harris, so...who knows? I did get Terry McLaurin, WFT’s next best weapon, so that was nice. I also grabbed Gibson’s running mate, J.D. McKissic, later in the draft, though he’s not really a handcuff (I don’t do handcuffs) and more a guy whose role would increase should Gibson succumb to injury. All told, I seemed to be cursing my FFToday compadres less than in years past, though that could also have had to do with the fact I was majorly distracted during our draft. Ha!

Final thought: I can’t think of a single good reason to draft a QB early in a 10-team league. I felt like I was waiting and waiting on the position, but I still ended up getting the guy I wanted (Justin Herbert) late in Round 8. The last starter, Taysom Hill, was actually drafted much later than that with pick 13.03. I should say “starter” because Hill, in particular, seems like a very risky QB1 to me. Nevertheless, I could live with many of the other slingers grabbed even later than that. Simply put, it’s an incredibly deep position and we only have to start one. If you’re in a similar league, be very patient and load up on positions of scarcity instead (RB and TE, namely).

Pick #5 - Kirk Hollis

 Kirk Hollis - Pick No. 5
1.05 WR Davante Adams GB
2.06 WR Calvin Ridley ATL
3.05 RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC
4.06 RB David Montgomery CHI
5.05 QB Josh Allen BUF
6.06 WR Brandon Aiyuk SF
7.05 RB Josh Jacobs LV
8.06 QB Dak Prescott DAL
9.05 RB James Robinson JAC
10.06 WR Curtis Samuel WAS
11.05 TE Mike Gesicki MIA
12.06 TE Tyler Higbee LAR
13.05 WR T.Y. Hilton IND
14.06 RB Devin Singletary BUF
15.05 WR Darnell Mooney CHI
16.06 DEF Baltimore Ravens BAL
17.05 QB Carson Wentz IND
18.06 RB Damien Williams CHI
Strategy for Rounds 1 & 2: This was a tough spot to be in with respect to a PPR league draft. Had this not been a PPR league, I would have taken a RB at 1.05, but as it was, I thought Adams had more upside than the likes of Elliott and Aaron Jones. After Adams, I wanted to go RB in Round 2 for sure, but found that the RBs available at 2.06 weren’t really worthy of that pick. So, I ended up being the only team in the first two rounds to go WR-WR, not unlike what I did in a mock draft @ FFToday back in June. I don’t think getting pigeonholed into a hard and fast plan is the answer to having a great draft. That said, if you are going WR-WR to start, two RBs have to come next… and they did (CEH-Montgomery).

What player(s) did you miss out on? To my delight, I actually got who I was targeting in every round sans one, which is fairly unheard of. I guess the other guys in the league were working off of a different template. In the sixth round, (and this is the sans one part), I was hoping either Mark Andrews or T.J. Hockenson would fall to me - they ended up going a few picks before in back-to-back fashion. I liked the TEs I got later (Gesicki, Higbee), but initially, I was a little bummed about missing out on one of that duo at that spot.

Final thought: I know there is an expectation to explain my selection of Dak Prescott in the 8th round when I had already taken Josh Allen three rounds sooner. Despite accusations that I was trying to ruin one of my fellow drafters with that pick, it was made simply because I had Prescott valued a full round ahead of every other player left on the board. It was a best player available pick and figure out the details later. Is Prescott a candidate for trade? Of course he is. In the meantime, he will provide me with depth and insurance if Allen were to go down. In general, I thought the draft through the middle of Round 8 was a contest for a few drafters to see who could pick a QB the latest and get away with it. Dangerous game to play when you’ve got an old school VBD guy looking for value wherever he may find it!

Pick #6 - Mike Krueger

 Mike Krueger- Pick No. 6
1.06 RB Ezekiel Elliott DAL
2.05 WR DeAndre Hopkins ARI
3.06 WR Keenan Allen LAC
4.05 WR Mike Evans TB
5.06 WR Adam Thielen MIN
6.05 QB Lamar Jackson BAL
7.06 RB Chase Edmonds ARI
8.05 RB Trey Sermon SF
9.06 WR Jarvis Landry CLE
10.05 TE Logan Thomas WAS
11.06 WR Mike Williams LAC
12.05 RB Alexander Mattison MIN
13.06 QB Matt Ryan ATL
14.05 TE Jonnu Smith NE
15.06 RB Phillip Lindsay HOU
16.05 DEF Kansas City Chiefs KC
17.06 RB James White NE
18.05 RB Chuba Hubbard CAR
Strategy for Rounds 1 & 2: I’ve drafted multiple times from the middle in PPR leagues this summer and it’s a very comfortable position to be in. Unless something unforeseen happened there was a high likelihood that I would leave the first two rounds with a RB-WR combo. I was happy to get Zeke with my first pick at 1.06 as he was the last RB I considered before switching positions to Davante Adams. With RB secured, there were plenty of WRs I would be comfortable with in the middle of Round 2 including Diggs, Hopkins or Ridley. I also would’ve been fine with Adams in Round 1 and any one of Ekeler/Harris/Gibson in Round 2.

What player(s) did you miss out on? I was contemplating CEH with my third round pick (3.06) but with Kirk beginning WR/WR to start his draft, I should’ve known the Chiefs RB would be taken right before me… and he was. I was also eyeing Kareem Hunt who plays well in PPR leagues (like this one) but made a tactical error by taking a quarterback (Lamar Jackson) in Round 6 when Hunt was still on the board. In hindsight, the fact that Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson were still available in Round 8, is proof I should’ve prioritized Hunt in Rd 6 and waited on a quarterback, especially since I only had one RB on my roster at the time.

Final thought: We had three owners near the top of the draft (and four total) begin with an RB-RB start – a little easier to do in 10-team leagues, but more complicated to pull off in 12-teamers and feel confident about your WR depth, especially in PPR leagues with one or two Flex spots. Kirk’s pick of his 2nd quarterback (Dak Prescott) in Round 8 was a bit surprising (he already had Josh Allen) but my guess is he will be able to flip Prescott for a solid WR at some point this season. David Johnson checked in as the second-to-last pick in this draft. Not sure what to say about that, but did find it noteworthy.

Pick #7 - Steve Schwarz

 Steve Schwarz - Pick No. 7
1.07 RB Aaron Jones GB
2.04 WR Stefon Diggs BUF
3.07 TE Darren Waller LV
4.04 WR Chris Godwin TB
5.07 RB Mike Davis ATL
6.04 WR Tyler Boyd CIN
7.07 WR JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT
8.04 QB Aaron Rodgers GB
9.07 WR Jaylen Waddle MIA
10.04 RB Zack Moss BUF
11.07 QB Tom Brady TB
12.04 DEF Los Angeles Rams LAR
13.07 RB Nyheim Hines IND
14.04 WR Jalen Reagor PHI
15.07 TE Jared Cook LAC
16.04 DEF Cleveland Browns CLE
17.07 WR Quez Watkins PHI
18.04 RB Kenneth Gainwell PHI
Strategy for Rounds 1 & 2: I was planning on going “old school,” - expecting to choose two three-down, workhorse, running backs with my first two picks, but it didn’t go exactly as anticipated. I grabbed Aaron Jones with the first pick which was very good, but I had been eyeing Joe Mixon for the second round (because of his presumed larger role in the passing game with Giovani Bernard gone), however he was scooped up two picks ahead of me and then Saquon Barkley was chosen right in front of me. I thought it would be a reach to select Austin Ekeler (does get enough rushing attempts), Antonio Gibson (limited by J.D. McKissic in the passing game) or rookie Najee Harris (questionable OL) so I pivoted with Stefon Diggs, an excellent “consolation” prize.

What player(s) did you miss out on? There was Mixon and Clyde Edwards-Helaire. I was disappointed with CEH last season (though not a complete bust he didn’t perform as expected after Week 1 as he only crack 100 yards one more time all season), but think he’s going to rebound nicely in 2021. I thought he would fall to me in the third round.

Final thought: The disrespect for 2020 NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers (4299 yards, 48 TD passes, three rushing TDs) was highly noticeable. The eighth quarterback off the board? The emphasis appears to be all toward the running quarterback in 2021 (after Patrick Mahomes, of course). There must also have been some residual disinterest after Rodgers’ offseason holdout and for that I am grateful as I got him in the eighth round.

In the 1996 movie “Broken Arrow,” John Travolta’s character Major Vic Deakins says “This is BATTLE! And battle is a highly *fluid* situation.”

You make a draft plan and in the execution of that plan you need to prepare for contingencies because nothing is ever going to go perfectly. Don’t panic. Be flexible and adjust with the flow of the draft. You’ll be fine.

Pick #8 - Bill Anderson

 Bill Anderson - Pick No. 8
1.08 RB Jonathan Taylor IND
2.03 RB Saquon Barkley NYG
3.08 TE George Kittle SF
4.03 RB J.K. Dobbins BAL
5.08 QB Kyler Murray ARI
6.03 TE T.J. Hockenson DET
7.08 WR Deebo Samuel SF
8.03 WR Michael Gallup DAL
9.08 WR Will Fuller MIA
10.03 WR Marvin Jones JAC
11.08 QB Ryan Tannehill TEN
12.03 RB Latavius Murray NO
13.08 DEF Washington WAS
14.03 WR DeVante Parker MIA
15.08 DEF Buffalo Bills BUF
16.03 WR Marquez Callaway NO
17.08 QB Deshaun Watson HOU
18.03 WR Nelson Agholor NE
Strategy for Rounds 1 & 2: I’m all about early running back this year as I feel wide receiver is very deep and the talent as RB1’s drops off a cliff after about RB18. Unless Kelce fell to me with my 2nd pick, I was going RB-RB all the way. I’m higher on Taylor than most and was ecstatic to get him at No.8. While Barkley certainly has some concerns, namely injury related, his upside is simply too high to pass on in the early 2nd round. Simply put, I love my first two picks.

What player(s) did you miss out on? Every single WR1 haha. Receivers went fast and furious and before I knew it every one of my personal top 12 was gone. Luckily I loaded up at TE with both Kittle and Hockenson so maybe I can pull off a trade. Other than WR, I was targeting both Bryan Edwards and Trey Lance late but they got taken before me.

Final thought: The run on WR’s could’ve forced me to reach for the position early if I would have panicked but instead I pivoted to other positions even if they weren’t a big need (TE and QB). A much younger me would’ve panicked and taken best WR available but in most cases you are going to waste so much value by jumping on at the end of a positional run. There’s nothing wrong with adding onto a strength you already have, whether it be for trade bait or simply to take advantage of value. Panicking and reaching should be avoided at all costs.

Pick #9 - Antonio D’Arcangelis

 Antonio D’Arcangelis - Pick No. 9
1.09 WR Tyreek Hill KC
2.02 RB Joe Mixon CIN
3.09 QB Patrick Mahomes KC
4.02 RB Myles Gaskin MIA
5.09 WR Tee Higgins CIN
6.02 TE Mark Andrews BAL
7.09 WR Robby Anderson CAR
8.02 RB Raheem Mostert SF
9.09 WR Laviska Shenault JAC
10.02 RB Ronald Jones TB
11.09 DEF Pittsburgh Steelers PIT
12.02 QB Trevor Lawrence JAC
13.09 RB Leonard Fournette TB
14.02 WR Marquise Brown BAL
15.09 WR Sterling Shepard NYG
16.02 TE Blake Jarwin DAL
17.09 WR Randall Cobb GB
18.02 RB David Johnson HOU
Strategy for Rounds 1 & 2: I still love the Chiefs offense and what they offer as a baseline each week, so getting some of the key players from them was a priority. Bye week? SCHMY WEEK. I like corner spots because you can plan well for tiers and positional runs and start them up instead of getting the end byproducts. I dig what Joe Mixon does for that Bengals offense so I was happy to land him with my second pick.

What player(s) did you miss out on? I really wanted Robert Woods, because I love his PPR floor week-to-week and the upside he offers, but drafting from the corners means giving up the opportunity to draft certain players because of ADP. I was also thinking about Darren Waller or George Kittle at 3.09 but decided to reach for Patrick Mahomes to complete the Tyreek-Mahomes mini stack. Kirk took CEH or he would have been my 4th pick instead of Gaskin.

Final thought: 10 team drafts are a lot of fun because you can take big risk/reward chances in the middle rounds and not worry about perfecting value as much. I have my doubts about some RBs and WRs taken earlier in the draft (Dobbins, McLaurin went sooner than I anticipated) but this is a knowledgeable group of drafters so I keep all the perceived "reaches" in the back of my mind for future drafts.

Pick #10 - Doug Orth

 Doug Orth - Pick No. 10
1.10 RB Nick Chubb CLE
2.01 TE Travis Kelce KC
3.10 WR CeeDee Lamb DAL
4.01 RB Chris Carson SEA
5.10 WR D.J. Moore CAR
6.01 WR Ja'Marr Chase CIN
7.10 WR Chase Claypool PIT
8.01 WR Courtland Sutton DEN
9.10 RB Damien Harris NE
10.01 WR Michael Thomas NO
11.10 RB Kenyan Drake LV
12.01 QB Jalen Hurts PHI
13.10 RB Jamaal Williams DET
14.01 QB Trey Lance SF
15.10 DEF Tampa Bay Buccaneers TB
16.01 RB James Conner ARI
17.10 RB Giovani Bernard TB
18.01 RB Rashaad Penny SEA
Strategy for Rounds 1 & 2: In a 10-team league, I would argue that gaining a significant positional advantage is even more than it usually is in 12- or 14-teamers since most teams should have a stacked lineup - even in a league with two flex spots such as this one. Thus, I definitely wanted Kelce with one of my two picks on the turn since he provides high-end WR1 production from the tight end spot. I felt as though I would be choosing between Chubb or Austin Ekeler - my RB3 and RB6, respectively - with my other selection. I did strongly consider going RB-RB when it was my turn to pick, but I ultimately opted in favor of the positional advantage Kelce should provide once again.

What player(s) did you miss out on? I think the picks that stung the most were the selections of Tom Brady and Ryan Tannehill just a few spots ahead of me in the 11th round. Every fantasy manager has their own reason for going in a particular direction, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me why several managers in this league decided to burn two selections inside the top 110 on quarterbacks after spending a premium pick on one a few rounds earlier. There's a case to be made that a manager with a high-end elite QB1 is better served by not carrying a backup and using the extra roster spot to chase upside at another position. Instead, 30 percent of the league left this draft with three quarterbacks!

Final thought: The hoarding of quarterbacks was odd, and I would argue that managers in 10-team leagues don't need to open the season with multiple team DSTs (three did) unless they REALLY like how they complement each other throughout the season. Roster spots are just too important. I think the thing that stuck out the most to me was the extended runs at receiver (five straight from 2.10 to 3.04, eight of 10 from 4.04 to 5.03, six of nine from 5.09 to 6.07). Combined with the 10-team format, these runs pushed potential RB2s such as Darrell Henderson (6.10), Kareem Hunt (7.04), Josh Jacobs (7.05), Chase Edmonds (7.06), Raheem Mostert (8.02), Trey Sermon (8.05), Michael Carter (8.09) and James Robinson (9.05) back about a round or two after they are typically drafted.

Round by Round Results